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PAIN MANAGEMENT:  Personalized Plan

Pain is a protective symptom. It tells us about something wrong with the body. But once we know what the problem is, presence of pain is annoying. At HRH we know that when pain becomes chronic and is not relieved for long time, it has bad effect on the body and mind causing changes in the mental state and mood at times. Also, taking pain killers for a long time can cause adverse effects like kidney problems, heart problems, or acidity.

So, this pain needs control to avoid its bad effects.

Pain Management focuses on alleviating pain by diagnosis of the causative factors and effective management of pain to help you lead a normal life. At HRH, we have highly qualified and experienced pain clinicians who intervene in such cases to provide you a satisfactory experience with a range of pain relief services and facilities.

Areas of Excellence
  1. Pre and postoperative pain management.
  2. Nerve blocks.
  3. Pain rehabilitation and management.
  4. Injection therapies.