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We did the first successful Organ retrieval from a brain dead patient at VAPI on 8th Feb 2021

In the 21st century, most of the individuals are looking for the best health care services. It has led to the rise in the demand for medical tourism. Medical tourism in India has improved to an appreciable extent in the recent times. HRH Hospital has been catering patients in different fields of health care since four decades. The doctors here are ensuring that they can solve the health problems of the patients in the best possible ways. Medical travel India has made sure that you can utilize the best medical services across the world. HRH Hospital provides a range of facilities for its patients especially under the concept of medical tourism of India.

HRH Hospital is dedicated to the “Patient Care.” So, the primary goal is to ensure that the patients are treated in the best possible ways and are cured. Health care tourism in India has provided that all kinds of latest facilities and equipment are available for the fruitful and advanced treatment of the patients. It has got a range of medical branches which concentrate on healing different segments of health problems. Medical tour India at HRH Hospital offers state of the art equipment of CT Scan, MRI, Blood Bank, Mammography, Bone Mineral Density, Endoscopy Suites, Ambulance Services of different types of emergencies, Ultrasound as well as advanced dental facilities. Health Tourism in India is successfully carried out at HRH Hospital which ensures that patients need not worry regarding the future of their health problems. The hospitality at HRH Hospital is at an excellent level, and patients are highly satisfied with the work and behavior of the doctors and staff. Doctors take care not only of the health of the patients but also ensure that the mental status of the patients is at an appreciable level.

The packages of several tests and treatments at HRH Hospital are designed in such a way that every patient can successfully afford the entire costs of their treatment. There are different health check up packages which ensure that the patient can choose depending on their comfort and requirements. Separate options for women and men health checkups are also provided at the hospital. Diabetes checkups are now provided more attention since the number of individuals with these type of health complications is rising day by day. The hospital has dealt with the concept of medical tourism in India in such a way that it has got a long list of international patients coming for their treatments from across the world.

Thus, HRH hospital is striving hard to keep up the spirits of the doctors and staff so that quality health care tourism in India is achieved successfully on their platform.