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Because Every Life Is A Precious Miracle…

Every life is a gift, a precious miracle. But – in the blink of an eye, everything can change.

A sudden fatal injury or accident can destroy lives. A medical emergency is an injury or illness that is acute and poses an immediate risk to a person’s life requiring instant assistance and help from professionals, which may involve multiple levels of care & treatment.

Haria L G Rotary Hospital introduces a 24×7 Accident & Emergency Centre – the largest in the city – which promises to consider each & every human life equally precious and make sure to be present at any given medical emergency.

The fully equipped 24×7 Accident & Emergency Centre with an aim to touch many lives, promises ease to those frowns on the anxious faces waiting outside, constantly speculating every second – what will happen next, silently praying to the Supreme Power to save that precious life struggling for every breath.

Haria L G Rotary Hospital has a team of super specialized experts who are trained to treat the person in need, in a very effective way, by application of cutting-edge technology supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructure for patient care and comfort. Haria L G Rotary Hospital objective is to reach more human lives who are in need of immediate medical attention, at the right time.

Every medical emergency is a fight against time, a fight for life. And – we, at Haria L G Rotary Hospital, intend to win this fight.

Haria L G Rotary Hospital Accident & Emergency Centre

The Accident & Emergency Centre at Haria LG Rotary Hospital is a highly specialized unit with dedicated beds and healthcare professionals supported by advanced technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure for patient care and comfort. The Accident & Emergency Centre is located at IPD of the hospital for easy transfer of patients from the ambulance to the unit. The centre has its own strong network of Advanced Cardiac Life Support ambulances to transport adult and pediatric patients within the Golden Hour.

In Emergency Medicine, Golden Hour is the time period following traumatic injury – a very small duration, three hours or less depending on the severity of the injury and the patient, but with a high possibility of saving a life on providing prompt medical treatment. It is well established that the patient’s chances of survival are greatest if they receive care within a short period of time after a severe injury.

The Emergency room at Haria L G Rotary Hospital with 6 beds has separate Triage and Observation areas. This ensures rapid assessment of patients in keeping with global principles of triage and leads to efficient management of critical patients.

All critical clinical services including CT, Ultrasound, MRI, X-Ray, Blood Bank, Laboratories and Emergency Transportation services are in close proximity to the department. The Department is manned round-the-clock by highly experienced and trained professionals, supported by the entire range of Super Speciality Services including trauma teams, cardiac units, and reconstructive and rehabilitative groups with highly skilled technicians and nurses to ensure shortest turnaround time for diagnosis and treatment planning of the trauma patients, saving those critical moments which can be life threatening for the patients, if not managed well.

Haria L G Rotary Hospital Accident & Emergency Centre is supported by a fleet of well-equipped Advanced Cardiac Life Support Ambulances to transport patients.

We aim to treat more people and save more lives in the near future, while adhering to our vision of creating a patient-centric healthcare institution focused on non-intrusive quality care utilizing leading edge technology with a human touch.