Haria L G Rotary Hospital

Director - Medical Services Message

Dr. S. S. Singh

Salute to the Rotary club & Rotarians of Vapi, which embarked on a mission to provide modern health care facility to the people of Vapi, the fruits of which we all are enjoying today. The motto was to start a hospital not for profits but for patients. A small beginning, 40 years back with a small dispensary being set up in 'C' type quarters of GIDC Housing area by Rotary Charitable Trust. The dispensary soon grew within 5 years into a 24 bedded Niramaya Rotary hospital in 1982. Later the renowned Haria group joined hands with RCT & Haria L.G. Rotary Hospital took shape.

During the last 40 years the hospital's fame and excellence has spread far and wide, and is considered as one of the best well equipped & well maintained hospitals between Surat and Mumbai. Apart from the general population of Vapi & surrounding areas, the hospital also caters to needs of other areas like Daman, Silvassa, Sarigam, Umbergaon, Pardi, Valsad, Dharampur and Dahanu. With the addition of specialized & super specialized services & putting up ultramodern equipments in last 10 years, patients from far away places like Dahanu, Palghar and now even from abroad are routinely taking advantage of the hospital services.

Our policy of not refusing any patient rich or poor, with or without attendant or may be in the last gasping stage, have saved many lives, especially the Highway accidents and trauma cases. Accident patients are brought by the police and volunteers from far away places like Manor & Charoti which are almost 100 km away, confident of the fact that the patients will be taken care promptly by the best possible experts. The hospital today has about 250 beds. Apart from the general wards, the hospital also has Special, Semi Deluxe, Deluxe and Suite Rooms to cater the needs of all classes of society. The hospital which started with the services of General Practitioners, now boasts of a team of 60 full time doctors, and more than 40 visiting specialists. The Cardiac Cathlab which is functional since last 10 years has already performed more than 4000 procedures including angiographies, angioplasties, valvuloplasties, renal & peripheral angiographies and permanent pacing. The cardiology department has saved many lives by performing primary angioplasties even at the mid of the night.

Complementing the cardiology department is our latest fully equiped CVTS department and paediatric heart surgery department. Now we are able to handle all varieties of bypass surgery, valve replacement as well as congenital heart surgeries with great confidence.

The dialysis centre which has now 10 dialysis machines, perform dialysis totally free of cost to all patients. One of the dialysis machines has been now installed in the ICU, where very critical patients on ventilator and multiple life saving supports can be dialyzed at the bed side. We have one of best and latest CT - Scan as well as MRI machines in the area.

To upgrade the needs of super specialized surgeries the hospital already has a State of the Art Operation Theater complex, with laminar air flow and latest imported equipments. Specialized surgeries like laparoscopy, ERCP, Neurosurgery, Spine surgery & Joint replacement surgeries are now routinely done here.

The new ICU, NICU & PICU has capacity to handle 40 patients and is fitted with 15 ventilators, central monitors, blood gas analyzers, pacemakers, incubators, and phototherapy & has central oxygen and suction facilities and is monitored by the highly trained Intensivists, Doctors and Nurses round the clock.

The Blood Component Separation Unit & the Infertility Centre is the latest feather in the cap of our hospital.

The four Ambulances, of which two are Cardiac Care Ambulances, are fitted with all the latest ICCU equipments, including ventilators, pacemaker, and defibrillator had till now saved hundreds of precious lives by safely shifting them to higher centres in case of emergencies.

The mobile van fitted with X-Ray machine, pathology equipments, and other check up facilities is being utilized for holding camps in Adivasi areas, near by villages as well as for health check of factory employees at their work site.

The hospital has always been associated with the implementation of Govt. projects like Chiranjeevi Yojana, Blindness Control Programme, AIDS Control Programme, Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana (MA Yojana), Ayushman Bharat Yojana, Dang Health Card Project and Pulse Polio Programme.

The hospital is considered as the pilgrimage for the Rotarians around the world and so far thousands of Rotarians, including more than a dozen Rotary International Presidents have visited the hospital to know, see and believe what a Rotary Club can do.

Medical services are making rapid strides of progress almost every day, To keep pace with these developments our hospital is upgrading itself every day by adding more and more latest state of the art equipments and gadgets to provide world class treatment. We are adding more super speciality services and are able to perform difficult and complicated surgeries.

Rotary Charitable Trust

Object of 'The Trust'

The furtherance of Rotary ideals and programs without discrimination of caste, race colour or creed is listed below:

  • To render community, vocational and international services of a Charitable nature.
  • To give or contribute to the relief of the poor and indigent.
  • To establish, promote and/or to maintain schools, colleges and such other educational institutions hostels and give scholarships and other aid to the poor, needy and deserving students.
  • To establish, promote and/or maintain dispensaries and medical facilities, including X-ray unit and other clinics and to give medical aid to the poor and the community at large.
  • To establish, promote and/or maintain public parks, gardens and places of public recreation and amusements and in general, to do all and everything for the purpose of the uplift and welfare of the public.
  • To expand, donate and contribute the funds of the Trust to any other cause which the Trustees may deem fit and which shall be exclusively of a public charitable nature.